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Absolutely perfect for big or small restaurants and baking houses our top quality ECOBUY baking papers do away with the need for grease-proofing paper prior to baking, cooking or using in oven trays. Our baking paper is specially treated, and comprises of higher stability and resistance to heat when used for baking purposes in ovens; and being non-stick they are ideal for any kind of baking.

Baking Paper Wholesale Supplier

Our range of high quality Scandinavian baking paper is available in both 30cm as well as 40 cm width and in rolls of 120 meters length. Each carton will accommodate four rolls. They are reusable too, as we are aware that our customers value their time and their money.  The baking paper we manufacture can be used in commercial kitchen, bistros and bakeries.

We also manufacture and supply baking paper sheets in 405×710 mm, 460×710 mm and 460×760 mm in packs of 500 sheets.  Other products in the baking section include baking liner rolls in handy dispense boxes with a plastic cutting edge for easy cutting of sheets. In addition, the non-stick baking paper we produce is just what our customers require for lining baking tins, use in barbeque, line trays for baking those juicy, buttery, creamy delicacies or even as wraps to prevent the succulent juices from escaping!


Silicone paper is nothing but baking paper or parchment paper coated on both sides with silicone which is a natural, non-organic product. Today, many bakeries utilize silicone paper for their baking requirements. So to cater to their requirements, we also manufacture some of the finest silicone coated paper for our esteemed clients. Silicone coated paper is of late the choice of most professional bakers because it can be used time and again.

The high quality ECOBUY baking papers we stock are sold in reams as well as rolls. We are the major suppliers for most bake houses through our Australia wide distributors, not to mention restaurants and fast food units across the country irrespective of whether their orders are big or small. So count on us to supply you with the best baking paper!

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