The trend in the high streets of Australia is towards delis and special foods and it seems to be filling in the void that’s otherwise ignored by the supermarkets. These sorts of special shops offer excellent personalized services providing an abundance of finger-licking foods. Generally starting off as a small business, it is imperative that their relatively small number of faithful customers is retained while in the process attract and promote new ones too.

This is where our food packaging and Deli wrap paper comes into the fray. Deli wraps are essentially two kinds of paper put together. They comprise of two kinds of paper; the poly sheet and wrapping paper and they are available in plain and printed varieties. There are different varieties of deli wrap papers like sandwich wrap paper as well.

Deli Wrap Paper

Our ECOBUY premium quality food grade deli wrap paper includes both papers and we also supply printed deli wrap papers too. The products we manufacture are top quality gloss paper lined with poly sheets and are just what our customers require to wrap cooked foods and they are also known as ham wraps, deli wraps and meat wraps. These top line deli papers will quite certainly enhance your sales as it will go to show to your customers that you take great care in your presentation. We combine a variety of waxes with different varieties of base paper to produce packaging paper to prevent the seepage of fats, oils, or other medium found in a majority of deli products.

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