Newsprint paper

Known as Butchers Paper

Typically butchers paper is a tough paper that is generally utilized for wrapping and void fill. These papers are also used for craft purposes. ECOBUY newsprint paper is also called Butchers paper and is manufactured from VIRGIN top grade reels that are supplied by accepted systems like PEFC and FSC. It goes without saying that it is well sanitized, clean and absorbs moisture extremely well.

We have created our very own unique “Plastic Reem Wrap” that we use instead of the the standard paper reem wrap our competitors use. Our unique quality “Plastic Reem Wrap” is recyclable and offers our valued customers a longer lasting product which eliminates product damage like tearing and is weather resistant. After this new wrapping material was introduced to our customers they just could not believe how much more practical this wrapping solution was for them. The butchers paper can now easily be moved from place to place and stored almost anywhere without damage to the internal product.

We produce Newsprint Paper in various grades starting with the standard 42gsm to 55gsm. Our customers are aware that our food packaging paper is accredited by HACCP so its 100 percent food safe and just perfect for a wide range of uses like packing fish and chips, meat, removalists, delicatessen etc.

These days meat, fish and other delicatessen do not come cheap so it is essential that they are wrapped and moved with the utmost care to their destination. Our Newsprint Paper will ensure that your valuable food is safe. The ECOBUY butchers paper is safe and secure for different uses as they are wax coated to prevent leaks.

Printed Newsprint Paper

Superior Paper comprehends the intense element between brand awareness and printed packaging. Utilizing our cutting edge machinery we offer tailored Printed Newsprint Paper solutions to empower brand awareness. We help with design outline, producing & dispersion to make uniquely Printed Newsprint Paper to manufacture our clients’ image. We offer clients the adaptability to make and outline craftsmanship, while our nearby assembling offices guarantee quality generation and auspicious conveyance. Whether making custom Printed Newsprint Paper Superior Paper professionals are within reach to give master counsel.

We have our standard cuts and at the same time we can cater for any custom cut sizes for your special requirements.

Butchers paper can also be made available in rolls that can be utilized as table covers or backdrops.

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