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Counter Roll Wrapping Paper

The ECOBUY counter rolls that we manufacture is used for a variety of wrapping and packing uses that also include glaziers, table top covers, framing of pictures and other retail packaging applications. We have brown Kraft paper, gloss wrapping paper and newsprint paper. In fact, we provide our valued customers with everything they require for wonderful and complimentary wrapping purposes.

Counter Rolls

All types of ECOBUY wrapping paper meet the Australian government regulations and standards for food, as expected by the FDA. The brown Kraft paper can be utilized for over wrapping, interleaving, bundling and dunnage.

Our printed counter roll wrapping paper has a wide range of prints on them that people would simply fall in love with. From plain brown paper to floral prints, abstract and geometrical designs our counter rolls have it all.

The counter rolls produced by us are available in standard sizes of varying widths – 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, 81cm, 90cm, 120m and 150m all of which are in available in various lengths. But that in no way means that we will not cater to our customers’ requirement for other sizes. For us customers are all important and we are ever ready to cut our counter rolls to any size that our clients demand.

Other than just packaging and gift wrapping our printed counter roll paper can also be utilized to cover table tops without giving up on style. The beauty of our counter rolls is that they are reasonably priced and hence affordable even for the small retail food outlets.

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