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Tissue Paper

We manufacture 100 percent recycled pure white tissue paper. Typically the applications of tissue paper are for wrapping delicate ornaments or filigree, fragile glass items and jewelry; hygienic tissue paper is used as facial tissues, napkins and toilet tissues. Our tissues being extra soft are often used by green grocers to wrap fruits and by removalists to pack fragile goods.

Tissue Paper

We also produce tissue paper wholesale rolls that have become a great hit with the chicken farming industry, one of the main reasons being they are far more reasonably priced.

As one of the best paper supplying company we offer unique and novel solutions that are ahead of the industry we are in. Tissue paper and tissue wrapping paper are available in the highest grades and our ECOBUY tissue paper is manufactured in sheets as well as rolls. When gift wrapped with our paper, the gift looks distinctive and attractive.

Our ECOBUY acid free tissue paper is also an excellent paper to wrap your wedding dresses for storing. We are well aware of what and who we are and this is what makes us move forward confidently. Our transparent and honest services and transactions are built on the trust endowed on us by our esteemed clients.

As in the case of all our paper products we have a standard size of 40cm x 66 cm tissue paper in packs of 480 sheets each. Nevertheless we are always ready to cut the paper to the specification requirements of our clients. We also produce tissue paper rolls for use in various applications.

Our ECOBUY tissue paper is 19gsm and absolutely acid free.


Premium grade acid free tissue paper in 1 or 2 colour options. Custom print on any design on sheets and rolls.

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