Gloss Paper

Our ECOBUY Gloss Paper is converted from VIRGIN top quality reels. They are hygienic, clean and perfect for various uses especially where the quality of moisture resistance is paramount, like in seafood retail outlets, void fill-ups, injection molding and fish markets. Backed up by the HACCP accreditation system, our customers can confidently sit back knowing that no matter what is being packed in our gloss paper, it is absolutely food safe.


Gloss paper is akin to newsprint paper, the only difference being that it is coated on both sides with gloss finish. This is a very simple and an inexpensive option, no wonder gloss paper is used for a variety of packaging purposes in restaurants, fast food units and delis, not to mention the seafood industry.  This particular paper also finds its use in the industrial sector as well. Ranging from sandwiches to those succulent steaks and food products in any form, gloss paper offers excellent packing features to ensure that they retain their freshness and are securely handled.

We have created our very own “Plastic Reem Wrap” that we use instead of the the standard paper reem wrap our competitors use. Our unique quality “Plastic Reem Wrap” is recyclable and offers our valued customers a longer lasting product which eliminates product damage like tearing and is weather resistant. After this new wrapping material was introduced to our customers they just could not believe how much more practical this wrapping solution was for them. The butchers paper can now easily be moved from place to place and stored almost anywhere without damage to the newsprint / butchers paper.

Though these packages are readily available off the shelf, we also cut sheets as per the requirements of our customers irrespective of whether the orders are large or small.

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